Powering the modern world.

Without semiconductors, the world’s most life-changing advances—from sending digital currency, to talking to Alexa, to sharing pictures on Instagram—simply wouldn’t be possible.


Semiconductors: The backbone of tomorrow’s technology

Semiconductors (you might know them as microchips) are an essential component of electronic devices, making breakthroughs possible in communications, transportation, clean energy, and so much more. Now retailers are using data to personalize shopping experiences. Healthcare providers are identifying at-risk patients so they can intervene sooner. And automobile manufacturers are developing autonomous vehicles with the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few decades—all thanks to the unmatched power of semiconductors.



The length of interconnected wires on a chip the size of a fingernail


Unlimited opportunity.
Extraordinary possibility.

Today, the semiconductor industry is not only producing more chips than ever, it’s rapidly increasing the number of transistors inside each one—leading to exponentially more advanced devices. That’s why your pocket-sized smart phone has more combined processing power than the massive computers that NASA used to guide us to the moon for the first time in the 1960s.

Looking ahead, the industry will continue to push the limits of technology, with revolutionary smart-electronic products for driverless cars, smart city infrastructure, internet of things (IoT)—and everything else humans can dream up.


Design the future.

Here at the forefront of applied science and next-gen technologies, highly skilled people continue to be in strong demand to keep driving the microelectronics industry forward. Every day brings an opportunity to find new viable engineering solutions to real-world problems. That’s why the industry needs more brilliant minds—like yours—to solve tomorrow’s most complex and innovative challenges.


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“Science and technology have always answered the call…always helped push humanity forward.”


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