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Whether your interest is math or physics, chemistry or materials, the power to create the future lives here. A broad range of college majors translate into cutting-edge careers in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


Welcome to the frontier of optics, lasers, plasma generation, and ion acceleration, where physicists are solving the hardest (and most interesting) problems in science—like stacking atoms—in order to continue making smaller and smaller chips.


The intricacies of semiconductors require the highest levels of mathematical precision. But it’s more than number crunching. A background in math opens the world of chip modeling and algorithm development—both fundamentals in semiconductor design and performance.


Making today’s chips means using nearly half the periodic table to develop, assemble, and integrate the building blocks of our digital world. Chemical engineers, chemists, and material scientists use the most exotic elements on Earth to form billions of transistors on each chip.


Today’s engineers work at the edge of the impossible. Mechanical, electrical, systems, and manufacturing engineers are designing machines capable of producing trillions of transistors per second, in the cleanest facilities imaginable.


Controls, sensor data, machine learning, and intense modeling all need to work together flawlessly to measure and manufacture the hardware that forms the foundation of the entire internet and our digital universe. It’s as real and satisfying as it gets.


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The semiconductor silicon chip launched a revolution of electronics and computerization that’s helped define our way of life in the twenty-first century. And semiconductors continue to be the driving force of technological progress.

A career in semiconductors means working at the forefront of science and technology to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Be part of the industry that’s paving the way for high-growth technologies of the future—from smartphones to AI to driverless cars to the internet of things.


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“Working in semiconductors is the closest thing to a university lab, with physics, optics and hardware…about as cool as it can get.”

Senior Director of Research & Development



Worldwide semiconductor sales revenue by 2019


“My team is already working on the chips you’re going to see in 2020.”

Johny Srouji
Senior Vice President of
Hardware Technologies, Apple


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semiconductor industry globally

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“Your groundbreaking work on the future of chips could make artificial intelligence a million times faster.”


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